Thursday, August 27, 2015

Introduction ❤️❤️

Hi! I’m newbie here 😁😁 
I don’t know what to start so i just posting my photo when I went to Ikea Indonesia, fortunately it's near my home..yeeaayy..
I love they furnitures. And that's one of my favourite, but it costs fortune for me. Hiks T.T
I love cats, I love handmade craft, I love doing what I love to do (sorry, absurd ;( )

Please check my instagram profile @meiiniitaa to see what I like to post.
I want to show what I love to do. Like I've been doing these past weeks. I bought some cute pattern linen fabrics and wonder what I am gonna do with them. I am gonna post the pattern here on my next and how it turns out.

*please ignore any grammar mistakes. English isn’t my mom tounge 😘😘

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